Birchington pensioner’s fear 6ft wall will collapse onto pavement due to damage from crash

A driver reversed into the wall at Trish's Birchington home

A Birchington pensioner says she fears her 6ft wall will collapse onto the pavement after a car hit the smaller, adjoining wall.

Trish Liddiard, 74, says she has been left to deal with the fall-out after a car reversed into the smaller wall on her property in King Edward Avenue with the knock-on effects leaving her adjoining wall unstable.

The nan-of-eight says her insurance assessor has been out and straps have been applied to secure the wall but she thinks barriers are needed on the pavement.

Trish said: “I was quite shaken, there was a huge bang – it sounded like a bomb going off-  and then I saw the damage. It seems they reversed but normally it is very quiet with no cars but (neighbours)  had moved their cars there while they had a delivery. The driver reversed and then it looks like instead on hitting the brake hard they went hard on the accelerator.

“I’m dealing with it myself, some neighbours have helped, as my children are not local. The wall, which is about 6ft high and 50ft long, is badly damaged and I am worried it will come down on the pavement or fall onto someone.”

Insurers Direct Line say a team has been out to secure the wall but Trish says she is still concerned over how safe it is.

She added: “You can see the top of the wall is about 4cm leaning into the pavement, I don’t think it will take much for the whole thing to go. I did think about putting a couple of ladders or something there (to stop people walking next to it) but they will probably just get nicked.”

Trish says she has called Thanet council again but had to leave an answerphone message explaining the situation and asking for barriers “to warn people.”

She has now contacted the county council and someone is due to visit the property.

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called at 12.13pm on Wednesday 5 June to a report that a car had collided with a wall on King Edward Road in Birchington.

“Officers attended to assist with recovering the vehicle and South East Coast Ambulance Service, also in attendance, treated a woman for injuries at the scene.”