Ramsgate mum urges parents to ‘always check’ after ‘double’ dosage prescribed for 18-month-old son

Sophie, with her little ones, says parents need to check prescriptions

A Ramsgate mum-of-two has lodged a complaint with NHS England and is urging parents to check prescriptions after her 18-month-old son was prescribed double the expected dosage of an antibiotic.

Sophie Cook, 24, took son Logan Coniam to the Newington Road surgery where he was given amoxicillin for a diagnosis of suspected scarlet fever.

But when Sophie took the prescription to the Newington Road pharmacy a concerned staff member said the dosage needed to be checked.

Sophie said: “When I took it to the pharmacy they said it needed to be checked as it was double what he would have, 500mg instead of 250mg.

“They showed me online what a child should be prescribed and then what an adult should get.

“I called the surgery but they said Logan hadn’t been prescribed anything so my mum-in-law went up there.”

Sophie says the family were told the dosage amount on the prescription had been ‘a slip.’

She said: “I am glad the pharmacy refused to do the prescription. We put our children’s lives in the hands of professionals, for it to be ‘a slip’ is disgusting. I have made a complaint to NHS England because I want the surgery to be a bit more careful in future. Parents need to always check prescriptions, if the pharmacy hadn’t  double checked I would never have known as the medicine and how many times I had to give it were the same as before.”

Newington Road Pharmacy told Sophie the check was ‘their job’ to “make sure the medicines prescribed are safe and effective.”

A spokesman for the Thanet Clinical Commissioning Group, responsible for isle secondary health services, said: ““In circumstances like this it is really important that a complaint is made by the patient directly to the practice so an appropriate investigation can be carried out and any necessary action taken.

“Complaints need to be addressed by the patient to the Practice Manager of the surgery concerned. Alternatively, patients can raise their concerns with NHS England if they would prefer not to raise their concerns directly with their GP practice.

“Further details about how to do this are on NHS England website at www.england.nhs.uk/contact-us/complaint.”

NHS England confirmed a complaint had been received. According to NHS UK accidentally taking an extra dose of amoxicillin is unlikely to be harmful.

Newington Surgery declined to respond to requests for comment.


  1. OK – so an overworked GP made an error in issuing a prescription for the adult dosage rather than the child dosage.

    The error was picked up by the pharmacist before the medication was issued.

    Why does Ms Cook feel it necessary to lodge a formal complaint to NHS England and then to plaster the matter over the internet ? What is she trying to achieve ? Does she want her GP to be investigated for malpractice ?

    OK – the doctor made a mistake and that mistake was picked up by the pharmacist – so the system worked. I am sure there is a further system in place for it to be flagged up by the pharmacy.

    I hope Ms Cook is able to build a better patient-doctor relationship for the future . . .

    • Obviously you have never had dealings with this surgery, they are terrible and I think it’s due to the shortage of doctors in this area that they are still open. Certain doctors there should have been struck off years ago, their lack of compassion, empathy and caring is diabolical

  2. I think this highlights the importance of letting a pharmacy do their job. If they say they need to contact your doctors and confirm something and your medication may be delayed while they do this not becoming irate but understanding there is more to getting your medication than just getting it off shelves. It’s a protection for the patients

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