Ramsgate’s Micro Museum gets set for its fifth season

The Micro Museum

The Micro Museum in Ramsgate, run by owners Mike and Carol Deer, will be re-opening on Friday (March 30) at Easter for its fifth season.

Carol said: “We are delighted that our museum has proved so popular that we feel able to continue into our 5th year.  It is always a great pleasure to see our visitors discovering the history behind our modern digital world, enjoying seeing our collection of old computers and tech and experiencing the joys of playing some of our oldest games.”

The season starts with the first of a series of the popular games events when visitors can play themed-games on the many classic consoles.  Most of this year;’s events will be spread over not just one but two weekends.

There is no need to book in advance and no extra charge for any event.

Mike and Carol also offer discounted entry to all the events to subscribers to their eNewsletter.  You can sign up via the website.

This year, the museum will be opening on extra days during the main school holidays.  There is a new history quiz, additional computers and consoles from the owners’ private collection – giving visitors even more opportunities to get hands on, a wider selection of games to suit all ages and a “Virtually VR” selection of 3d games to try.

There are also plans for occasional games nights and coding workshops which will be advertised as the season progresses.

For more information go to www.themicromuseum.org