Daniel Kitson brings a Christmas show with a difference to Margate

A Christmas story with a difference comes to the Theatre Royal stage next month.

Daniel Kitson – A Show for Christmas is a tale of possibility and magic, grief and hope and tradition and toffees

It’s 4.52pm on December 24  when Pollyanna Plunket-briefly distracted by opening a bag of toffees – glances away from the road for no more than a second only to find, upon looking back that an old man, has appeared in front of her.

She hits the horn, the man turns, she stamps hard on the brakes and whilst the vehicle, a mid-sized motorhome – does slow down, it does not stop. Skidding over glistening black tarmac it careers into the old man  who is bent over under the weight of a battered red bag. The inevitable impact flips him up over the bonnet and into the windscreen. His eyes are oddly calm as they meet hers, for a moment, before he slumps down the glass and out of sight.

Battersea Arts Centre asked Daniel  if he wanted to write a Christmas show in 2014. It was then performed that Christmas for five nights, in the Grand Hall at BAC, and for 14 nights the following Christmas at the Connelly Theatre in New York.

This December he’s taking it on tour to a handful of venues around the UK, including the Theatre Royal.

The show will be on stage on December 1 from  7:30pm

Tickets £12
Booking fees – 50p per ticket in person/phone. £1.50 per ticket online