Extra date announced for Memories of Dream Factory exhibition at Dreamland

Dreamland 1954

An extra date for the Memories of the Dream Factory has been announced by the Dreamland Trust.

The exhibition, a collection of original photographs, prints and posters depicting the heritage of the historic amusement park has proved so popular with visitors that it will open for a final day on Saturday, November 4.

The owner of the collection, Nick Evans, will also be on hand to sign copies of his book Dreamland Revived between noon and 2pm.

Nick said: “I have been bowled over by the incredible reaction to the exhibition and the lovely comments from visitors. My father, Bill who collated the collection would have been delighted to see the pleasure it has given to so many people and the memories it has evoked.”

Memories of the Dream Factory follows the successful Dreamlandscapes art exhibition by Barry Kirk, showing a vibrant and diverse collection of works from the 1960s and is part of a series of exhibitions being organised by the charity.

Bernie Morgan, Chair of the Dreamland Trust, said: “The Trust is committed to bringing the wonderful heritage of this historic amusement park to the community of Thanet and the wider area. We have been heartened by the enthusiasm of visitors to the exhibition, their love of nostalgia and for sharing their special memories with us.”

The exhibits, the oldest of which dates back to 1913, charts some of the most memorable decades of Dreamland, including the Teddy Boys and Mods and Rockers.

Many of the items on display are the sole surviving examples of their kind and thanks to careful handling and storage over the decades they are in extremely good condition. Catalogues of the exhibits are available at the exhibition for a donation of £5 to the Dreamland Trust.

The exhibition at Dreamland, by the main entrance, is only open for a limited time and to date nearly 500 people have visited. It will open for the last time between 11am – 5pm on Saturday, November 4.

Due to the fragile nature of the exhibits they had to be handled very carefully and framed sympathetically by Lovely’s of Northdown Road.

1920s Dreamland – featured in the Dreamland Revived book by Nick Evans

The Dreamland Trust promotes the cultural heritage, learning and  educational benefits of the historic amusement park which is believed to  be the oldest in the country. The exhibition is part of a programme of  projects planned by the charity which relies entirely on charitable  funding.

The Trust welcomes new volunteers. If you would like to find  out more about how you can support the charity and its work, please  contact Jill Hunt at jill.hunt@dreamlandtrust.org.uk or ring 07934 852281.