The ballot to get your free go on a 300ft Ramsgate waterslide is now open

A slide based on this one in Bristol was due in Ramsgate Photo by creator/artist Luke Jerram

A ballot has been opened for people to secure a free go on the 300ft water slide down Royal Parade during this month’s Ramsgate Festival.

The slide will be installed for the final day of the festival, which runs from July 22-30.

The ballot is open now and closes at midnight on July 24.

When a similar slide was installed in Bristol’s Park Street around 100,000 people entered the ballot. A large number of entries  is also expected for Ramsgate.

The slide will operate for one day only on  July 30.

Participation in the ballot is subject to terms of use. You need to agree to these before submitting your name.

Successful applicants will be emailed on or after July 25 and must then confirm their place before July 29 or it will be reallocated to someone else in a second draw on July 29.

The slide is still dependent on enough funds being raised through a kickstarter campaign which closes on July 22. Find the kickstarter page here.

How the slide could look!

A spokesman for the festival said: “We are committed to doing the slide although we are continuing to fundraise for the festival as a whole through our Kickstarter appeal, which runs until 22 July.

“ If the road closure ends up being refused by the council for this date we will reschedule the slide for the next available date but we don’t anticipate that being necessary and are talking to various people at both TDC and KCC to speed up confirmation with them.

“We warmly encourage people to enter the ballot now – one entry per person.”

From 11am to noon on July 30 the slide will be for 6-13-year-olds only with a 130ft run. From noon to 5pm it will be open to those aged 14 and over with the full 300ft run.

Anybody suspected to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be refused entry.

Enter the ballot here

Slide Instructions

  • Participants use the slide at their own risk.
  • Participants are to slide down head first on the lilo provided.
  • Sliders must hold on to the lilo at all times.
  • To allow as many people down the slide in one day, each participant can only have one go (sorry!).
  • After sliding, participants must exit the landing area as quickly and safely as possible with guidance from the marshals and give back the lilo. No running.

What to bring

  • Come with a friend to hold your possessions, whilst you slide.
  • Wear old clothes you don’t mind getting a little damp.
  • Towel – it’s unlikely you will get very wet, but you may get some splashes.
  • Bring some form of ID (eg debit card, driving licence, library card, etc) which must match the name on the ticket.
  • For under-16s, please provide the name of the parent or carer – parental or carer ID will be required on the day. This is to prevent the resale of tickets.

Find out more about the festival here