First Summer firework display in Broadstairs tonight

Photo Broadstairs Firework Events

 Fireworks will light up the sky over Viking Bay tonight (July 19).

Activities at the bandstand start from 6pm, live music at the bandstand 8pm and firework display at 9.45pm 

Event is subject to changes/cancellations and is weather dependent.

Broadstairs firework displays will also be held on:

  • Wednesday July 26
  • Wednesday August 2
  • Wednesday August 23 (Finale to Water Gala)

Each event (with the exception of Water Gala) starts at 6pm with fairground stalls and food on Victoria Gardens

From 8pm – live music on the Bandstand

Fireworks are planned for 9.45pm. (subject to weather conditions)

All these events are free but a bucket collection will be held.

The displays are organised by Broadstairs Fireworks Events and supported by:
*Thorley Taverns
*Broadstairs and St Peters Chamber of Commerce
*Morellis Ice Cream Parlour
*Lillyputt Mingolf
*Broadstairs Tourism and Leisure Association
*Broadstairs and St Peters Town Council