Find out about everything from storytelling to film-making at these Cliftonville events

The Incomers Project at Open School East

A series of public events will take place at Open School East in Cliftonville.

The art space opened in February at the Pettman building at 50 Athelstan Road.

The school works with artists at an early stage of their career but also opens up for public sessions.

The latest round of workshops starts tomorrow (May 24)

The programme

The Incomers Project

A series of 5 workshops on storytelling and difference

Workshops led by writer Sally O’Reilly using experimental story telling techniques that use fantasies, lies, memories and rumours and turn them into narratives, vignettes and dialogues for radio or podcast using Margate as the sonic backdrop to the stories.

3pm-6pm on Wednesday 24 May, 7 June, 21 June, 5 July and 19 July

Free to take part

Register via

Bad Vibes Club – Study Day

Explore the power of bad feelings through reading, discussion and guided meditation with artist Matthew de Versant Giraudeau

Friday 2 June, 12pm-6pm

Admission free, register via to receive text and instructions

Bad Vibes Club –  Feeling Bad: Negative emotions and Politics  

A day of talks and screenings exploring the power of negative emotions in politics. What do Brexit, Donald Trump, Jermyn Corbyn, Marine Le Pen and Islamic Terrorists have to do with each other? In one way or another they utilise or appeal to ‘Ugly Feelings’ – feelings that are seen as minor, negative and unsavoury in social situations and modern democracies.

Saturday 3 June, 12pm-6pm

Admission free

Antiuniversity Now: Tidal Shorts

A 3 minute film making workshop using a simple mobile phone app and in a process of continuous shots, whereby the film is edited in camera. This will be shot around the Walpole Bay Tidal pool as a homage to its 80 year celebration this year. To prepare we will explore different approaches to storyboarding as an editing process, site-responsive devising and narrative techniques.

Saturday 10 June, 10am-1:30pm

Admission free. Tickets:

Antiuniversity Now: Tool Making for a Precarious Future

Using wood, electric, magic and muddy crafts, we will resourcefully construct a toolkit for a fictional future. We will actively explore the application of materials in troublesome times and the skills/tools we might need for self-sufficiency and well-being. Materials will be provided but please bring small rocks, wood, plastic, wires, spells, cloth etc. along if you wish

Sunday 11 June 1pm-5pm

Admission free