Utter Thanet wants to hear your views of living on the isle

Utter Thanet

A new project beginning in Thanet aims to get the views of hundreds of people about the isle and then create a play with the results.

Organisers of Utter Thanet will be asking what’s it like living in Thanet? What’s great, what’s not? Thanet has changed over the last few years: for the better, the worse?

Mischievous Theatre CIC  wants to give people an opportunity to say what they think about the community that they live in, about the changes that are happening locally, nationally and globally and how they affect their lives and the lives of  families and friends.

Talking to you

Over the next four weeks Mischievous aims to talk to and record as many people as possible about their community, their loves, hopes and fears and their attitudes to the changing world around them.

These hundreds of voices will then form the basis of a provocative and uplifting piece of verbatim theatre that will be performed in Thanet community centres and other community venues. It will then tour to other parts of the United Kingdom.

The play will  be local but also of universal interest as Thanet becomes a microcosm of Britain and the world.

Give your views

The Utter Thanet gazebo will be out and about over the next month or so go and have your say. If you don’t spot it but you want to chat to them about your thoughts and opinions, or you run a club, society or an organisation and you would like to have a group chat then contact Mischievous at the email address below.


Clive Holland, director of Mischievous, who has lived in Thanet for over nine years, said: “I love living here; the beaches, the architecture, the people, but the whole of Thanet has had a pretty rough time since the 60s when the tourists stopped coming.

“ It’s changing now though, there are lots of visitors, lots of people moving in, new shops, cafes, bars and venues, the area seems to be becoming more prosperous. But in the middle of all this there are also very high levels of poverty; financial, social, educational and aspirational and lots of other problems and I want to find out what people think about this and what can be done to change it?

“That’s why I decided to do Utter Thanet. I’m a theatre maker and my way of shedding light onto community problems is to create a piece of theatre that will make people think, see things differently, see things through other people’s eyes.”

Find Utter Thanet

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