More space lab fun is coming to Ramsgate this weekend

Space lab fun Photo Pete Bateson

Discovery Planet and a team of University of Kent scientists are returning to Thanet Space Lab at 18 Harbour Street, Ramsgate this Saturday for more free workshops.

Last weekend families and school children enjoyed sessions looking at space junk and exo planets. This Bank Holiday weekend the topic is rocks in space, or asteroids.

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Each hour, from 10am to 3pm, visitors will have the opportunity to take part in hands on experiments and creative learning. By the end of each session they’ll have learnt what conditions might be required for life on other planets, what is meant by the ‘Goldilock’s Zone’, and what probably killed the dinosaurs.

The workshops are funded by a generous grant from the UK Space Agency and, if the sessions have whetted the appetite, there will be information on hand to let people know all about opportunities to work in the space industry. This is the last week of the Space Lab so don’t miss out. Just drop in; there’s no need to book!