Pilgrims Hospices launch new lottery cards

Pilgrims volunteers Joan Bean, Sally Gridneff and Sarah Scrase

Pilgrims Hospices Lottery has launched new scratch cards in all its shops.

Pilgrims volunteers Jo Bean, Sally Gridneff and Sarah Scrase helped to get the  launch underway in the three sites in Thanet, Canterbury and Ashford.

Shiralee Riddell, Pilgrims Lottery manager, said: “Scratch cards are a fun way to get involved with Pilgrims and support vital hospice care in east Kent. They make great gifts for any occasion – from extra special Easter gifts to unique, exciting wedding favours for wedding guests.”

The cards are £1 each, with prizes ranging from £1 – £1,000.

A list of store can be found on the Pilgrims Hospices website www.pilgrimshospices.org/shopping//

They are also available from the reception areas at all three hospices – Ashford, Canterbury and Thanet – and from Plender House at the Canterbury site.

For more information call 01227 379741 to speak to Shiralee.